DTP services

Design and typesetting of:

  • - Packaging,
  • - Patient information leaflets,
  • - Labels.

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  • Outsourcing: for whom and when?
      • It is important to know that the size of your company, its development stage or industry should not play a major role in your decision regarding DTP service outsourcing.
      • DTP support provided by our company entails flexible solutions that accommodate the individual needs of the customer, the size of the business, the scale of its operations, and the pace of development.
      • In facing an economic crisis, many businesses settle to optimize expenditures by outsourcing services.
  • Five main benefits:
      • Access to skilled staff and state-of-the-art software - n order to ensure that our team is equipped with up-to-date knowledge, we regularly conduct internal training to help keep our specialists up to date with the latest technology. We also systematically update our software and invest in new solutions.
      • Effective solutions – after many years supporting our customers, we have developed effective solutions that we successfully apply in small companies and in international corporate groups, including: - company integration and restructuring, - speeding up production, - practical reporting and compilations, - well-proven process solutions, - data security.
      • Quality Control – before being released, each file undergoes a quality control procedure and a product record is attached, containing information on the compliance with the specifications.
      • Development – despite the competitive situation on the market, choosing us will increase your flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to focus on your core business processes.
      • Cost Optimization – you only pay for the completed work, without employee-related costs such as recruitment, training, implementation, software, hardware or absences.
  • Security, controls and standards
      Companies often wonder whether outsourcing their processes deprives them of control over their implementation, quality, and compliance with industry standards. Is there really anything to be concerned about?
      A well-prepared outsourcing agreement should protect the customer, allowing them to oversee the following:
      • Scope of services,
      • Implemented solutions,
      • Work schedule,
      • Budget allocated for process implementation,
      • Compatibility with the specifications required.
      • One of the supervision tools involves regular reports that summarise the events from particular periods.

    • In addition, the customer is entitled to conduct an audit (independently or by means of an audit company) in order to verify the compliance with the agreement provisions.