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B612 Graphic Design Studio

At B-612 Graphic Design Studio we specialize primarily in supporting pharmaceutical companies in respect of artwork management. Not only do we offer innovative and creative graphic designs, but also expertise on relevant global legislation, good manufacturing practices and market standards.

Our services

We are able to provide comprehensive DTP services in any industry. We have long experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

services for pharma

Services for

Comprehensive support for pharmaceutical companies in artwork management.

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      Our bespoke offers include
    • - Typesetting and packaging design,
      - Visual codes, pharmacodes, and Braille codes,
      - Multi-column brochures,
      - Harmonising projects.
services for printing houses

Services for
printing houses

Thanks to our years in the market and deep knowledge of the industry, we are able to effectively fulfil orders placed by printing houses.

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      Our bespoke offers include:
    • - File verification,
      - Preparing files to meet printing house specifications,
      - Imposition,
      - Quality control reports.

dtp for manufacturing

DTP for manufacturing

Preparation of print-ready files.

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      Our bespoke offers include:
    • Design and typesetting of:

      - Packaging,
      - Patient information leaflets and instruction leaflets,
      - Labelling.

services for publishing houses

Services for
publishing houses

DTP for publishing houses.

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      Our bespoke offers include:
    • - Typesetting, book and newspaper page mark-up,
      - Layout design,
      - Cover design,
      - Revision and proofreading.

graphic design

Graphic design

Layout preparation.

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      Our bespoke offers include:
    • - Corporate identity,
      - Advertising materials,
      - Packaging,
      - Commercial art.

printing łódź


Thanks to our close cooperation with printing houses, we are able to provide our customers with printing services.

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      Our bespoke offers include:
    • - Packaging,
      - Patient information leaflets and instruction leaflets (multiple column folding),
      - Catalogues and books,
      - Advertising materials.


Over the years, we have gained invaluable industry experience.
Our company was established in 2003.


We value your time.


We satisfy even the most demanding of customers.

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